Slovakia is making progress. Scores in ITU Global Cybersecurity Index have again improved

A new, already the fourth version of the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) published by the International Telecommunication Union, has been released. The Slovak Republic has again moved significantly up. In 2018 it was ranked 45th, while in a new version of the index dated from 2020 it has reached 34th place with a total score of 92.36 points.

After the publication of the first index in 2014, the methodology was considerably revised. Therefore, the results can only be compared since 2017.





36.2 (0.362)



72.9 (0.729)






The Global Cybersecurity Index evaluates five areas concerning the cyber security of the State:

Legal measures,

Technical measures,

Organisational measures,

Capacity development measures,

Cooperative measures

The Slovak Republic has significantly improved in scores. In 2018, it reached 72.9 points; in a new version of the index it has reached almost 20 points more, exactly 92.36 points (out of 100 points).

This time the index included 194 countries from all over the world. Slovakia has also achieved a shift within 46 countries in the European region, and ranks 21st place (compared to 28th place in 2018). The top 23 countries are in the range of 10 points (100 to 90), while the lowest score in Europe is 13.83 points.

In Slovakia, the best rating achieved legal and technical measures. Of course, there is still room for improvement – especially in the area of cooperative and capacity development measures.

A complete ITU Global Cybersecurity Index can be found at this link: 

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