The National Cyber Security Centre SK-CERT has achieved the highest level of international recognition of CSIRT, certified status at the Trusted Introducer

On 26 March, the National Cyber ​​Security Centre SK-CERT became the first certified Slovak CSIRT in the Trusted Introducer, which joins CSIRTs around the world.

To achieve “Certified” status, the team must meet demanding conditions based on a CSIRT Advanced Measurement System known as SIM3 (Security Incident Management Maturity Model). This model is used as a reference model across the security community worldwide.

There are several stages in achieving certified status. The team must be accredited by the Trusted Introducer for at least 8 months and must not violate any TI rules during this period. It must also attend conferences and be beneficial for other members of the organization. Subsequently, it must apply for the certification process to be initiated, and in this process it is obligatory to attend a full day workshop with the SIM3 auditor to assess the maturity of the CSIRT and whether it has met the certification criteria. These are set up to be met only by those units that have sufficient organizational, human, technical and process parameters. The auditor then writes a report to the Trusted Introducer, which approves the granting of certified status.

Thus, the National Cybersecurity Center SK-CERT has reached another significant level after obtaining the Advanced status from ENISA.
Only SK-CERT does hold both statuses and certifications, in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

“Achieving “Certified ”status at Trusted Introducer is another milestone for us achieving the highest quality of service level. There are few CSIRTs with this certification in the world. Together with the Advanced Status awarded by ENISA, the National Cyber ​​Security Centre SK-CERT is currently the most advanced CSIRT in Slovakia. However, this does not mean that we will be slack off our progress in building and achieving higher quality and effective services for our constituency, ”said Rastislav Janota, Director of the National Cyber ​​Security Centre SK-CERT.

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