The national cybersecurity game CyberGame starts its second season: Because we believe there is talent among you!

The second season of the Slovak cyber security competition CyberGame emphasises the search for talent in the field of cyber security regardless of age. The scenarios are inspired by current events, as the tasks are also prepared by professionals from the National Cyber Security Centre SK-CERT. The National Security Authority is the expert guarantor of the competition. CyberGame 2023 is played for ten weeks, from 1 March to 10 May.

“The extraordinary interest of players of different ages, schools and professions and the professional awards are a commitment to make CyberGame even more attractive,” says Rastislav Janota, Director of NCSC SK-CERT. “We are adding game branches and challenges that respond to current cybersecurity threats. On the one hand, we are opening the game platform to the general public, on the other hand, we are increasing the demands on the security professionals who play.”

In the first season of CyberGame, more than one thousand two hundred participants registered and almost six hundred actively played. The highest possible score was won by a programmer who was “just curious” and the most successful player, equally curious, played during maternity leave “when the baby was asleep”. In both cases, however, it should be added that both are top IT professionals. The youngest awarded player was twelve years old, and nearly forty active players said they were teachers.

“This is exactly the kind of people cybersecurity needs – curious, courageous and demanding,” says Rastislav Janota. The first edition of CyberGame found exceptional talents and at the same time showed the general public the creative and attractive form of cybersecurity.

The past year shows us how vulnerable we are in cyberspace, acutely reminds us of the lack of thousands of cybersecurity professionals in Slovakia and the need for awareness in this area.

CyberGame is primarily a competition in the field of cyber security and contains more than seventy challenges of varying difficulty. A computer and freely available analytical tools are all that is needed to participate in the game, and players collect points and flags for each task they solve. The SK-CERT team also manages the communication channel for players and advice.

In CyberGame 2023, players will find three analysis branches – malware, forensics and OSINT analysis, followed by cryptography. New additions are a gaming branch to increase the level of security, called hardening, and a non-technical branch called processes and security management.

The top two players and the top female player of CyberGame 2023 will enjoy a study trip to Check Point Software Technologies’ cybersecurity research and development center in Israel. The best student player will receive a prestigious gaming laptop, while another laptop is prepared for the youngest player who passes the scoring threshold for at least the two easiest scenarios. 

In addition to the main prizes, there are rewards in several categories – experts as the best players in the branches, teachers, or public employees.

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