Participation of the Slovak Republic within Locked Shields 2018 Exercise

Locked Shields 2018, an internationally recognized exercise, was held on 24 – 26 April 2018. The exercise is annually organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallinn and represents the most comprehensive and the most advanced cyber security exercise organized at international level.  

Within the simulated environment the teams of participating countries must demonstrate advanced knowledge and capabilities in the field of defence and protection of national systems and critical infrastructure elements against advanced forms of cyberattacks.

A total of 17 national and 5 international teams participated in the exercise, which in the position of Blue teams were tasked to protect the elements of entrusted infrastructure against cyberattacks of the attacking Red team. Realization support was provided by 3 teams, specially designated as Yellow, White and Green teams.

The best places were taken by teams of NATO, France and the Czech Republic. The team of the Slovak Republic took seventh place from the total number of 22 teams. The core of the team representing Slovakia was comprised of members of the Cyber Defence Center of the Slovak Republic (Military Intelligence). Organizations involved in solving the cyber security issues at the national level also took part in the exercise, namely SK-CERT National Unit, the National Security Authority, the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services, Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic and representatives of the private sector (ESET Company).

In terms of partial results the team of the Slovak Republic achieved excellent results in the field of forensic analysis and protection against cyberattacks. The Slovak team gained valuable theoretical knowledge and practical experience which shall be used by respective members not only for effective cyber security incident handling within the cyberspace of the Slovak Republic but also in other cyber security exercises and during the next Locked Shields 2019 exercise.

More detailed information on Locked Shields 2018 exercise is available on the following link:

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