The National Unit SK-CERT Participating In the Conference “Current Challenges of Cybersecurity”

On 4 June 2019, a scientific conference with international participation entitled “Current Challenges of Cybersecurity” was held at the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as the Academy).

The conference was organized by the Management and Information Science Department of the Academy in cooperation with the National Security Authority together with AFCEA Slovakia, as a part of the project called “Behave safely”. The conference was held under the auspices of the Academy Rector Lucia Kurilovská and the Director of the National Security Authority Roman Konečný.

The aim of the conference was to analyse and define current issues in the field of cybersecurity, generalization of theoretical approaches and practical experiences of competent entities of particular security forces as a basic prerequisite for creation of a systematic approach in the field of cybersecurity and a design of educational system in state and public administration.

The conference was opened by the Vice-Rector for Informatics and Coordination with the police practice Stanislav Šišulák and by Mr. Miroslav Brvnišťan from AFCEA Slovakia. In their speeches, both speakers highlighted the importance of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity between the public and private sector.

The conference was divided into three blocks:

  1. Security of citizens and options of cybercrime prevention, goals and perspectives in the cybersecurity education
  2. Cybersecurity – tasks of security forces, analysis and records of security incidents and digital tracks, the role and tasks of a private sector to ensure cybersecurity, cooperation with security forces
  3. Cybersecurity and a private sector, building professional and technical competences of security forces, options for protection of citizens in the field of cybersecurity

The representatives of the National Security Authority, namely the director of the National Unit SK-CERT and the director of the Cybersecurity Division of the Technical Department also spoke with their contributions at the conference.

In his presentation “A task of the National Unit SK-CERT in response to cybersecurity incidents at Essential Service Providers” during the second block, the director of the National Unit SK-CERT Rastislav Janota clarified the methods of cooperation and coordination in handling of cybersecurity incidents with the essential service providers.

In the third block, the director of the Cybersecurity Division of the Technical Department presented information on a series of National Table-Top exercises, which began on 14 May 2019 with the first exercise.

In conclusion, the conference achieved its aim and brought together experts from both public and private sectors who, with their contributions, brought interesting insights into current issues of cybersecurity and thus strengthened the capacity building and knowledge sharing in this field.

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