International Recognition of SK-CERT National Unit

SK-CERT national unit has become a full member of the community of Security and Incident Response Teams by gaining the Accredited status, the second level of membership within the Trusted Introducer Service on 3 May 2018, and thus has won an international recognition. More detailed information regarding the membership in TI is available at the following link:

This event together with the membership in CSIRT Network and the membership in the international Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams represent a key milestone in development of a CSIRT unit and gaining recognition in the international community of CSIRT units. More detailed information regarding certification of SK-CERT National Unit is available at the following link:

The accreditation itself was preceded by complex process which included multiple international audits conducted by internationally respected foreign CSIRT units. Particular audits covered in-depth inspections of SK-CERT’s capabilities, thorough verification of technical as well as procedural aspect of cyber security incident response efficiency and capability to participate in the activities of the community of CSIRT units at the international level in all respects.

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