More than seven hundred participants in cybersecurity game

An original Slovak cybersecurity game CyberGame has attracted students, teachers as well as professionals from various fields. After two weeks, more than seven hundred and seventy participants (772) have been registered. At least one task has already been solved by more than three hundred men and seventeen women.

According to the registration form, three hundred high school students and undergraduates, more than three hundred professionals from both private and public administration and twenty teachers have signed up for a ten-week fight. Females comprise one tenth of the registered participants. Participation in the game is open until the beginning of May.

“The advantage of the game is that the participants of CyberGame need just their own computers and freely available analytical tools,” explains Rastislav Janota, Director of the National Cyber Security Centre SK-CERT. “Surprisingly high participation in the competition signals that the cybersecurity topic resonates even more strongly than we have expected. According to the results, we can see not only professionals involved, but there are also experienced commercial gamers writing to us who have risen to the cybersecurity challenge.”

The competition has the parameters of a cybersecurity exercise but it is designed to include tasks of varying difficulties where participants can receive rewards in several categories. A trip to the ESET Malware Laboratory in Canada is prepared not only for the best gamer but also for the best male and female student gamers. Rewards are also for gamers who work in the public administration, and the youngest gamer who will solve the tasks with a basic difficulty and two random tasks with a higher difficulty will receive an attractive prize as well.

In the competition there are registered gamers who work in companies that are involved in organizing the competition. It means that they play like other gamers, collect flags, see their points, but their order is not displayed in the overall table. The organizers thus opened the space to participants who work as specialists in security companies and use the competition as a training platform.

CyberGame is played in four gaming branches — malware analysis, obfuscation and cryptography, forensic analysis and OSINT. Gamers can be involved in all branches or specialize in a particular one. The first two weeks have shown that each branch has its significant leader.


CyberGame has been launched on 1 March, lasts ten weeks, and the tasks will be updated continuously. The professional guarantor of the competition is the National Cyber Security Centre SK-CERT whose team of professionals has created the tasks for CyberGame.

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